Airbus has decided against selling off its Secure Land Communications subsidiary, four years after it initially signalled its intentions to divest the business.

Oliver Koczan, head of Secure Land Communications (SLC) at Airbus told journalists on a briefing call that the Airbus Group had made this decision last week and will work to further develop the SLC business.

“… The divestment process that was initiated four years ago is stopped, and there is no more intention for the Group to move forward with the divestment.”

He added that the main reason behind the decision is the evolution of Airbus Defence and Space’s strategy and the way in which the development of digital services is clearly perceived to be “a growth engine for the future of the division and in that context Secure Land Communications fits very well.”

Koczan said that the decision had taken the views of SLC’s main customers into account and that they had been kept informed all along the process and as a result, Airbus’ decision has received their full support.

“In the course of the divestment process, there [were] some discussions with potential buyers, especially at the beginning of the process, but this [has] fully stopped.”

“The decision of the group is not only to stop the divestment but to further develop the Secure Land Communications business [and] the group is ready to further invest in this activity, ” he added. While he could not provide further details, he added that the principle behind Airbus’s “decision is to further invest in the business”.

Author: Sam Fenwick