Airbus has announced that it expects to begin the modernisation of energy utility Stadtwerke München`s (SWM) TETRA communication network by the end of this year.

SWM provides the population in the Munich region with electricity, renewable energies, water, telecommunications, swimming pools and local public transport. The modernisation will allow all of its secure communication system components to run over Internet Protocol (IP) and Airbus will also replace the core system with a new Taira TETRA server.

Airbus states that the modernisation work can be done without causing major interruptions to the operation of SWM’s TETRA network and will be performed over a number of migration phases.

"SWM has opted for a system upgrade which allows it to determine for itself the future of its secure communications. We are providing the company with our fullest support, so that SWM can flexibly expand its network and subsequently also implement broadband technology," says Markus Kolland, head of sales of Northern, Central and Eastern Europe for Secure Land Communications at Airbus.

Since 2012, SWM have provided encrypted communications technology to the annual Munich Security Conference.

Author: Sam Fenwick