Airbus and Teracom A/S have entered into an agreement aiming to provide a common secure communications solution to the police and other blue-light organisations in Denmark.

The two companies will propose a next-generation communication solution for the police in Denmark and the Faroe Islands. The new digital system will also serve as a unified communication platform enabling efficient exchange of information between mission-critical user organisations in Denmark.

Both companies are aiming to modernise the Danish secure radio network SINE (SIkkerhedsNettet). To provide a next-generation communication platform for public safety in Denmark, Airbus will complement its mission-critical communication solutions competencies with Teracom’s own secure communication infrastructure and service capabilities in Denmark.

Unlike the current SINE technology, which offers secure voice and short-message services, the future network from Airbus and Teracom will enable blue-light users to access mobile broadband services, i.e. real-time data, images and video with a high level of security. The new hybrid solution will combine a modern dedicated TETRA network and the use of existing commercial mobile networks for a future emergency communication solution, and follows the path already taken by some other European countries such as Belgium and Finland.

Author: Sam Fenwick