Sepura has delivered more than 400,000 TETRA radios to users of the BDBOS network in 11 German states. Of the German public safety installed base that is supplied by Sepura, more than half has agreed long term software maintenance contracts with Sepura and its partner, Selectric.

These contracts cover existing software as well as future BDBOS IOP upgrade requirements to support enriched radio software. As TETRA terminals have been rolled out gradually and at different times by the German federal states, there are a range of Sepura terminals and software versions that are currently being used by the country’s emergency services. Sepura claims that regular firmware updates are essential to ensure the continued effectiveness of their wireless communications.

Hendrik Pieper, Selectric’s managing director, said: "We are very pleased to continue cooperation with Sepura and to deliver to German BOS users the latest in TETRA technology. This is a testament to the high quality standards we set for working with our long-time customers to deliver products and services that meet their high standards.”

Hooman Safaie, regional director Germany at Sepura, adds: “We are successfully delivering innovative products and highly specialised solutions and have supplied 400,000 Sepura BOS devices in 11 federal states supporting the security forces in their daily work. We continue to work alongside our customers to provide them with tailor-made solutions now and in the future.”

Author: Sam Fenwick