Airbus has supplied secure communications to security staff at this year’s Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. The company worked with the telecom companies House of Invention International and STC Specialized, the latter of which is the national licensed secure mobile comms operator for the kingdom.

Speaking of the roll-out, Airbus vice-president Selim Bouri said: “Our reliable critical communication infrastructure plays a vital role in making sure that the government’s security personnel could fully perform their security tasks. STC Specialized has put their trust in us and we look forward to forging similar collaboration with them in the near future.”

Fahad Bin Mushayt, CEO of STC Specialized, sais: “Airbus is a renowned expert in the field of professional communication. The company has tirelessly supported us so that we can meet our objectives to provide unfailing services. We hope to continue cooperating with Airbus in the coming years.”

The Hajj is the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, which this year attracted around two million people. It began on the evening of August 19th and concluded on the evening of August 24.

Author: Philip Mason