Professional mobile radio (PMR) provider Hytera has announced it has developed "innovative" new products within its digital mobile radio (DMR) and body-worn video camera (BWV) lines to mark its 30th anniversary.

The company said it would start the year by launching its new generation HP5 Professional DMR portable two-way radios and the GC550 2K Mini Body Camera.

In a statement, Hytera revealed that the HP56X and HP50X portable two-way radios had been developed to provide specialist voice communications for security, operations, technician and maintenance teams at office buildings, stadiums, industrial parks, school campuses and hospitals.

Hytera began the introduction of its next-generation h-series dmr radios with HP7 portable two-way radios, HM7 mobile radios, and HR106X repeaters to the global markets at the end of 2021. The HP5 series has been designed for enterprises and businesses with smaller teams. With a universal Type-C port, HP5 radios can be charged with a power bank or car charger and have dedicated dual knobs for volume and channel controls to simplify radio operation.

Howe Tian, general manager of the device product line at Hytera, said: “Enterprise and business users may need fewer functions from their two-way radio systems than public safety users do. For example, the trunking call is usually a standard feature required by the police, not necessarily a must for business users.

“However, their requirements for versatility, ergonomics, and reliability are similar. With this in mind, we designed HP5 portable radios. We believe HP5 will be a great productivity and safety tool for a lot of professional scenarios.”

Alongside this, Hytera said its new GC550 2K Mini would be "the smallest in size and lightest in weight" of its kind, supporting a range of new uses for BWV. Other new features the company claimed will feature include a sliding switch that enables the user to quickly start recording without even looking at it in case of emergencies; 2K wide-angle camera to record more details in a 150° super-wide field of view; and starlight night vision technology to record in extremely low light conditions.

Gerald Zhang, director of global marketing and solutions at Hytera, said: "We decided to kick off the 30th anniversary of Hytera with a new product release anticipated by the market for quite a while. It is more of a reminder for us that we should always keep creating value for users and partners by introducing more innovations and new products, which is also what we learned from 30 years of growth."

"The great success of H Series of DMR radios is a recognition of Hytera’s strength in product development and the brand itself. This time we add HP5 to this world-leading product line to further expand its market presence and bring innovation and value to more customers."

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Author: Richard Hook