Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has exceeded 10 years of TETRA operation without a minute of downtime. The airport, whose TETRA radio infrastructure is based on Rohill’s TetraNode High End, migrated to TETRA back in 2006.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the main international airport of the Netherlands, is the fifth busiest airport in Europe and the 14th busiest airport in the world. Its radio network is crucial for the daily exchange of critical information during day and night.

Rohill's TetraNode High End is a solution for demanding, large area and high availability networks. The technology behind it is based on open industry standard, high availability server platforms, designed for carrier-grade telecom applications.

At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, about 10,000 different users share approximately 3,500 radios. The network is interconnected with the airport’s telephone system and offers telephone calls to and from TETRA, along with also group calls to TETRA.

KPN comments: “As the service provider of the Schiphol TETRA service we are very pleased with the successful operation of the TetraNode solution for already ten years now at this busy airport, without any downtime, which underlines that TetraNode is with its scalability, flexibility and wide range of features and benefits an excellent choice for airports.”

Author: Sam Fenwick