Servicio di Telecomunicacion di Aruba (SETAR), a telecommunications service provider on the island of Aruba, has accepted Rohill’s proposal for a refreshment of the switching of its Rohill TETRA network.

Rohill’s TetraNode network for SETAR was installed in 2005 and has been expanded several times in the last decade. The refreshment includes all switching of SETAR’s TetraNode system, including TetraNode Switches (TNXs) and server platforms.

SETAR’s TetraNode network was last upgraded three years ago and this included the replacement of all of the network’s base stations, which are distributed across the network’s nine sites. With the refreshment of its switching systems, the entire SETAR network will be equipped with the latest generation of equipment. The network is used to aid the island’s authorities in the protection of the local population and tourists.

Raul Ponson, CTO at SETAR, comments: “We are very pleased with the refreshment of our TetraNode system. With TETRA still as the preferred solution for mission-critical voice communication, this refreshment allows us to continue to rely on our future-proof TETRA system in the next years.”

Rohill’s chief operations officer, Harry Muter, said: “We are very delighted with the fact that SETAR ordered this network refreshment, which shows SETAR’s commitment for TETRA and in particular for Rohill’s TetraNode product portfolio. We are looking forward to continue our long-term relationship with SETAR.”

Author: Sam Fenwick